off grid solarHarmful air quality is starting to become an issue in cities worldwide. The air is progressively more difficult to breathe each year as oxygen levels decrease. Our water is actually far more impure and trees are dying. The human race has made awful choices which are currently causing our world to fade away. The best answer to all the … Read More

The advancement of solar potential has been in progress for many years. When first brought into play, solar power was produced to generate steam in order to power machinery. Henri Becquerel was the one who came across the "photovoltaic effect", or otherwise known as the modification of sunlight; which was the beginning of the solar power rage. In 1… Read More

Switching over to solar energy is something that everyone should do, but one of the things that holds many men and women back would be the fact that they believe it is a thing that is too expensive to get started with. While purchasing solar panels will be one of the costs that you'll incur when switching to solar power, there are other things whic… Read More